Becoming Part of the Real Estate Investing Community

Everybody who starts a business is constantly aware, jealous, or leery of the competition right down the street. What are they up to? Why are they doing it? Here is an idea for you as you start your career in the lucrative field of real estate investing … go talk to them and find out for yourself! Don’t be afraid or feel like you are losing an edge or some other inaccurate emotion, go down the street and find out what they are doing so you know what works!

The funniest thing about entrepreneurs is the constant feel that they must one up the competition or fall behind and be crushed forever. However, most people that become a massive success … Read More

Finding Your Ideal Product

There are millions of ways for you to go about your business if you are a real estate investor, or any type of business man for that matter. However, by understanding a little bit of the lingo and overcoming the initial problems involved with breaking into the real estate investing world you can get started quicker than you ever imagined. Just consider a few of the following tips to help you get started with what types of homes, your products, you should be looking for to be able to turn around and sell them or rent them for the profit that you dream of.

“Fixer Upper” This is the type of home that real estate investors look for if they … Read More

Real Estate Investing, Be There!

One of the cardinal rules of marketing is this, be there and be there and be there! Ok, so maybe that isn’t the exact wording but the idea is the same, if you want to become the natural choice in someone’s mind when they need to sell their homes then you need to be there every time they turn around. Not you personally, but something that reminds them that you are here. This isn’t unique to the world of real estate investing, it is used worldwide, if you want to be noticed then people need to see that you are there, just ask Coke and Pepsi.

Be there on the bench at the bus stop when they drive by, be … Read More

The Sale Is NOT the End

ou will spend a bundle on marketing in your real estate investing career, but why spend it on the customers that you already sold to or bought from? Don’t do it, you shouldn’t have to if you simply do your job right in the first place by remembering that the close of the sale is NOT the end of the process altogether. Now, you have this individual in your group of “trusted” buyers or sellers and they have you as the same, don’t lose that invaluable trust and confidence. Ask them to refer you to their friends and family while keeping in contact with them continually after the initial process is over.

Have a system in place that makes it … Read More

Setting Your Property Goal

There are a number of different ways to go when you get started with buying, selling, or renting a home with the intention of making money through investing in real estate. Those that have made their money have been great at one thing and good at many others, but they have all had to start somewhere in their real estate investing careers. For you the goal is to get started and make some money, later you can worry about making all of the right decisions. Here is a quick rundown of what I am talking about.

Don’t wait for the major deals to come along that will continue to move you toward your goal of making a fortune right off … Read More