Real Estate Investing, Be There!

One of the cardinal rules of marketing is this, be there and be there and be there! Ok, so maybe that isn’t the exact wording but the idea is the same, if you want to become the natural choice in someone’s mind when they need to sell their homes then you need to be there every time they turn around. Not you personally, but something that reminds them that you are here. This isn’t unique to the world of real estate investing, it is used worldwide, if you want to be noticed then people need to see that you are there, just ask Coke and Pepsi.

Be there on the bench at the bus stop when they drive by, be in the local football or basketball program when they sit down at the game, and be there on the radio when they drive home from work. Don’t limit it to the services that sell to you, like television and radio, go out and get your name on everything you can find. Be on the pen that they use at the grocery store or on the business card that they use to write down a number from the friend they just ran into after 10 years. Anytime your name and sign pops up is an investment in your future.

Real estate investing is one of those major fields that people feel more comfortable with the guy that they know is legit, they don’t want to take a chance with any shady characters. The more you are willing to put your name in the community then the less likely it is that you will pass on some bad credit or a check that won’t pay. In addition, you will do what is right in the situation and make sure that they get what they want out of the situation as well. Your job is to get to them and the only way to get to them is to be in front of them at all times.

So, get the magnet on your car or wear your name and logo on your shirt, anything you can do to make yourself look more legit and more credible as a business person. Real estate investing is not something that is incredibly easy to break into, but with the right persistence in the marketing arena you can make a bundle of money that you didn’t think possible originally.