Real Estate Investing Marketing Tips

As you begin your career in the awesome, and lucrative, world of real estate investing it is extremely important that you understand the benefits of multiple types of marketing strategies. There is no one definite and “foolproof” system of marketing for anything that is being sold, including real estate investing, so it is important that you understand how several different cost effective strategies can help you. The following are some of the more tried and true methods with a little description of each; they could save you a bundle and make you even more!

* “Bandit” Signs: These are the annoying little signs that are posted around the traffic lights at high traffic intersections, you know, the ones you remember the number for an hour later when you are trying to remember an important number. Think of all of the genius ideas you have while you are driving; now imagine that in that same mode of thinking you solve something that has been bothering you for days! The benefit of the bandit signs!
* Flyers: You’ve been to the Laundromat or local grocery store that has a bulletin board, leave your name and number and have them get back to you! Fax these flyers to local financial institutions, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and the like so that they know you are out there. The cost here is practically nothing, just print the paper and fax it out all over the area.
* Convenience Items: When was the last time you went to the bank, borrowed a pen and saw a business name on it? Recently, right? Pass out enough pens, notepads, and key chains and your name will continue to get the feeling of being “the” name in the game, just get it out there as much as possible!
* Classifieds: The classified advertisement section in your local newspaper is a great source of leads due to its feeling of being a board for the “ordinary guy” because there are supposedly no businesses there. Put a simple note about you buying houses and leave a phone number, this can be tremendously helpful and productive. Never underestimate the power of the classified advertisement; it will never let you down.